Nomadic Village 2009
Pavlikeni, Bulgaria, 20th to 30th of August
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In the last decade, many traditional obstacles to exploring the world as an individual, like borders and monopolies of institutions and information, vanished. To probe this freedom, mobile projects like traveling mini-states, on-the-road-cinemas, busses converted to ateliers and galleries and trans-national music projects started to appear. In this context, On The Road Productions exercises an artistic activism, that finds and creates spaces, in which artists can work outside of the walls of existing institutions. ORP fosters projects that aim at finding and expressing independent and original views. Centerpiece is a Steyr-Ikarus bus that has been converted into an atelier-, office- and gallery-space.

The Nomadic Village 2009 was an enlarged space of that character, an artist residence with a slight festival character, in which various mobile projects created a microcosm together. The participants brought their own housings, like buses, vans or caravans, that became the structure of the temporary village.

bean putting up the yurta
first day
first night
Marc And Marta, The Unified Field
supper table 01
Francoise and Jooyoung
nomadic sound studio
drama at the distel_studio
stern at the distel_studio
setup drama&stern

Future, drama&stern
a cross and between, Lindsay Duncanson  

sources and resources
Dr.Dr.Dr. Bean
Lindsay and Marek finally arrived
the egg
Jooyoung's Tibetan prayer
at the source
mural print

360 degrees of the village and the stars
by Martina Dandolo and Marek Gabrysh

Marek's installation
the 8th year of Lucas' life
Nia Pushkarova
our friend the police
the egg


Sometimes I feel like a Pitbull Terrier, Bean
Performance, Video, Sea Salt
Future Communities. The name of The Father, In Memoriam (Trailer)

Future Communities. The name of The Father, In Memoriam
The Unified Field

mural about the Nomadic Village, Klaus Maehring
Jooyoung's map of the Village

in the press:

journal sous officiel(french)
art in culture (corean)
fm4 (austrian)

exhibition at Schmiede/Austria, 19th - 27th of September 2009