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Project: cognition Laissez-faire
Salzburg - Ljubljana - Zagreb - Novi Sad - Belgrad - Sofia - Pavlikeni

"cognition laissez-faire" is a project that focuses on the cognition and perception of two children, aged 4 and 6, that travel trough a part of eastern europe with their mothers with an unbiased opend mind. There will not be many rules and guidelines in this travel, but some origami cranes and a voice recorder.....

About arunakaij and Eva Zauner:

Christiane Peschek (arunakaij), is an austrian media artist, graduated in photography, who works in fields of staged photography, performance and videoinstallations. Her work is mainly based on the mystification of an inner "self-picture" that is influenced by the outside world, mostly connected to the view through clear child's eyes and the experience and self-awareness of an adult woman. lives and works in Vienna and Salzburg. arunakaij has an son in the age of 4.

eva zauner works as a pedagogue, primarily specializing in work with handicapped children and adolescents. In her work she combines music, art, dance and movement to train sensory perception. She adopts senses as experience- and kommunication-medium. Eva lives and works in Salzburg. Eva has a 6 year old daughter.