Jooyoung Kim/KOR

Project: A Nomadic Ritual; The Holy Path

Two contextes are meeting in a holy place in Art:
-One is the following: (emptyness of the landscape)
Artists todays after whish to escape from the Art System they see as a gail.
For this point of view, Nomadisme, trackering, wandering, are for me the real state of art: I will say: Nomadisme in Art. And an experience among landscape.
Geographic action upon feeling is both psychic and physical mainly a gran line upon the city overflying.
The print of walkig is important in terms of place, contexte, territory. For me it consists in meditating along the movement of my look.
So I am seeking more freedom for my thought when empty. What is thinking ? is the thing that wakes a footstep.
This footstep is my Art: I can this come into the emptyness of being and start again either
Emptyness is making the empty of life, dropping of life in the sense of a Monk in Tibet, docs.
This will be glad to feel the strange place at Pavlikeni,
- The second is (offering rice in the landscape)
The new experience of landscaps is mixed with the offer of rice. This offer is old and archeological in my thematic of Nomadisme( see documents below )
Different places, different ways of offering Rice ceremony are:
-Youngwol, Korea
-Akita, Japan
-Pounto, my atelier place in Korea
-Shinhan, near Vladivostok, Russia
-Ouch Tobe, Kazakstan

What shall I do in Pavlikeni?
I will make a tracker with rice in the place where Art and Life are just moment of life and 'déamblation'
I will make a lane in Pavlikeni and around the village with at cottons strip of 1000cm long x 50cm. this will be my scenery.
Then I will walk on this cotton pane bare-foot with a piece of rice in my hands as a symbol of offering Rice to the village around.
One day Rice plantatio will be a worldwide crop as we eat all together in the same way...
I will write the name of Pavlikeni on my cotton strip; and will shoot the scene of geography and landscape eut, more and more, a place of holy sacrifice.
"Nomadism" is a transverse meaning: This is the negation, the way of complotig in order to fall down ideas rather gossip as: "the best art is beauty"; "he must be displayed in museums"; " art makes a distance with reality"... All ideas present in Art History till by now.
"Nomadism" wants to stay negative: sceptical, anarchist against violence, against possession and poverty, against decadency of civilisation> Nomadism in a living Art.
In fact, "modernity", almost industrial capitalism, is lined to progress and both extreme ideologies as we know.
For me, I can say I prefer the complete and total negativism: if "post-modernim" means: de-construction of the medias, of sex, of non-violont thought and counter offensive, I may say I would deeply prefer my way of negation of complete negative sense, which is finally the only one new paradigm of ART.
there's no progress in Art of our world. thus, I prefer rice cooking then fire or more micro-wave boiler. I like the red colour of natural earth rather then the clinical pigment of vermillion.
I see in the western world history for art notion since: Vasari, Ruskin, Gomgrich and then to minimalism, a kind of negation of past and then back to reality. This is a kind of same movement of phenomenology H. Foster insists with, when showing a kind of "recodage" in the present art movement.
Nomadisme, the 'nomade', 'artist', make a double flow: geographically, the nomad concern in made of nature and cerbau culture.
On the other side "Disital Nomade" works with screen and simulation virtuel world. Both are present for meaning the visuel scenery.
The first one confirms definitely concepts as: in situ , documents, referential, reality: ? second one is a world of stimuli images. This world has no origin, no reality, but is more real then reality.
Speaking of Nomadism and art contexte in Post-modernism there is a new way of thinking whith " tractering " Guy Debord noticed that: Art is kind of shift beginning in America with Land Art and seeking new footprints like R. Rong made on Himalaya .
For my way, I feel confused with Art. As we all I see galaxies in the night. I would like to see the truth but I don't see her elsewhere.
For me the "Soyoyeu-way" will tug me to Pavlikeni just because it is a strange place for sacre. Then, I will let a sign of this, as my real personal Art is Sign.
at my atelier, TERRE

from 2004-6 Route du Sel, Yenching, Tibet

from 2003 projet Du Yongam au Akita(Japon)