Marta Moreno Muñoz/ES


Project: FUTURE COMMUNITIES. The Name of the Father. In Memoriam
Installation/ Performance / Video by The Unified Field

“The Temporary Autonomous Zone is a microcosm. The TAZ in an encampment of guerrilla ontologists. Mysticism has
something we need….To rediscover the more archaic and yet more post-industrial possibility of the band….”
Temporary Autonomous Zone by Hakim Bey.

As the specter of the economic collapse looms, we enter yet another phase in the progression, or some might say
regression, of human existence. Perspectives shifts with altered expectations, uncertainty haunts our visions of the
distant faraway infinity but certainty pervades our immediacy with guaranteed financial meltdown, a result of the adverse reaction to a century of the burgeoning model of capital. Disintegrating, crumbling, decomposing of an economy
reflects not only failed models of finance, but models of society as a whole, of modern civilization as we know with
its tendency in a value system that treasures material, capital, strife, poverty and war to love, community, cultural
wealth and imagination.
The prevailing climate permeates Future Communities - a living art installation leading eventually to a film, based on
an interest in exploring future models of community life and new mental landscapes suggesting a post-human
psychological scenario. Existence as creative resistance.

One of the ideas this project explores is the notion of pre-oedipal nostalgia, the returning to a prelingual stage of
development where individuality disappears, this idea is portrayed by the performers´ bodies being covered with a
gelatinous substance, seemingly melting unanimously into a unified field of consciousness.

Synopsis: Responding to the call of an oracle formed by two Siamese twins, a goat leads us to a strange landscape
…some children hurl golden blocks of stone whilst some bodies piles up around a fire are covered with a gelatinous
This event could close with a ceremonial feast actively implicating an audience which normally remains outside the
sphere of contemporary art.

About Marta Moreno Muñoz:

Having been working in different time-based art fields such as performance art, conceptual projects, video performance
and experimental film since 1996 under various aliases (Residua, Umabeecroft, The Unified Field), I am currently in a
transitional period, where I start to conceptualize larger scale projects wishing to explore new forms in the realm of
performance art via its documentation and/or representation through the cinematic language. This has led me to imagine
my most ambitious interdisciplinary project to date: FUTURE COMMUNITIES.

+ info :

Feminine subjectivity has been a dominant subject of interest depicted in all my previous works of performance art
since 1996. In my former works under the alias Residua ( the central idea was one of art as experience rather
than as representation, an on going interest has been the depiction of a subjects dissolution via conscience processes
such as treating oneself as nothing more than an objected, pushing the physical tolerance of the human body in an
attempt to expand self-consciousness overcoming physical pain.These performances were an expression to exorcise
personal demons within, responding to a patriarchal and undesirable reality. Dissolution of the ego, hysterical
behavior and the notion of a pre-oedipal nostalgia were subjects of interest expressed through works in various

Desvanecimientos /Fainting Fit Series