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Project: Sources and Resources

Sources and Resources is inspired by the ancient english pagan custom of giving thanks for the supply of water with drawings mades of petals of flowers. tadlachance wish to create a journey throughout France, Switzerland and England, and now trough Eastern Europe and Bulgaria stopping at natural sources (e.g. wells, springs, rivers and other aquatic sources) and at symbolic point resources (e.g. associations, art places, schools, Nomadic Village). Each place we stop at will recall another place; each person met will send us to another source or another point of resources and will become part of the transacted memory of the journey. Our intention is to create a link between the purity of water as a natural source, and the purity of people’s intentions. We will start our journey in the south of France near the font of Saint Pons, the source of la Sainte-Baume - venerated already in the middle ages. We will journey through Switzerland's Pompaples, near Lausanne where one source "le milieu du monde" gives birth to two rivers: one going towards the Mediterranean and the other towards the North Sea. Our final destination will be the fountain of Longnor in Derbyshire. The stops will be arranged with consideration of people we meet along the journey. In each stop we will create an installation art piece made of natural elements to emphasize a different aspect of thank-giving. We will keep a record of our journey, documenting our meetings with people, photographing the installations we create and the public responses we receive. On completion of our journey we will produce a dedicated book which will be available for public inspection.

About tadlachance:

Founded In 2002 by Madeleine Doré and Françoise Rod, tadlachance (which means ‘you are lucky’) is an art collective based near Marseilles, France. The artists work to create reflexive spaces that offer opportunities for everybody to perceive daily life differently; an important aim is to increase our capacity for wonder and to offer multiple possibilities to deepen and enrich our everyday experiences by increasing our consciousness and maximising our enjoyment of the here and now. tadlachance creates one-off installations, interventions, and multi-cultural art events in public spaces, facilitates research, and brings people together from a wide variety of cultural backgrounds to talk and debate important life themes. We have worked in France, Italy Switzerland, Quebec, Turkey, Korea and England.

tadlachance has developed three sections: i) the first section is related to events created in the village of Cuges Les Pins (in the south of France), where for example we have organised events to celebrate International women’s day, the centenary of Victor Hugo, etc. ii) the second section concerns activities relating to the hospitality and opportunities we provide for ‘nomad’ artists en route through France iii) the third section - is dedicated to special, one-off, nomad projects. For example, in 2002 we create ‘Itinérance aux frontières’ - an itinerant project on the borders of Switzerland; in 2005 we obtained a small amount of funding from the Roberto Cimetta Fonds for ‘Her'berium a transgernminal language’ on the shores of Bafa Lake, Çomakdag, Turkey, in 2006 we obtained funding from the arts council of Quebec (Canada) for the project ‘d'ici là où vers toi’.

2002 itinérance aux frontières - an itinerant project on the borders of Switzerland;
We proposed to the passer-by of the border zones interactions in order to experiment borders and
limits, external ones as well as internal ones.

L'eau de l'un à l'eau de l'autre 2004, France, Switzerland a journey along river Rhone with a car
transformed into a poetic laboratory.
We followed the river against the current from its mouth until its spring. we stopped in eight major
cities on bridges where we proposed to the passer-by to enter in a relation with the river in a
sensitive way. From the experience made with the river, poeple wrote a message that we conveyed until
the spring.

D'ici à là où vers toi. From here to where toward you? July 2006, two weeks residency at the artcenter
Le Tordeur, l'Ile Verte, Quebec. A mobile bike installation . People were invited to experience their
personal journey and create intimate topologies. Every person was left with a card representing
his/her various experimentations.