Heidi Seppälä is a dancer, performer, teacher and a choreographer born in Finland. She is currently based in London awaiting her next big adventure. Heidi's nomadic nature together with her passion for arts has taken her around the world since very young age. She started her full-time dance studies in Finland, but soon carried on to do a BA in dance teaching and choreography in Estonia, and another BA in dance theatre in Laban, London. During her studies Heidi did a student exhange in balettakademien in Stockholm, Sweden, and a work placement with The Cloud Gate Theatre in Taiwan. In 2012 she sailed up the Tasman Sea of Australia with a small group of artists on a multidisciplinary project called TheSeaRoom, and wrote a travel journal for a newspaper of Finland. Heidi has a history of studying visual arts, photography, writing and costume design, which all informs her artistic work. Her art investigates different concepts of freedom; multidimensionality; the relationship of real and surreal; ridiculous and serious. Currently she works as a freelance choreographer in London, teaches contemporary dance in Royal Academy of Dance's Step Into Dance program, works as yoga-, Pilates-, and fitness instructor and performs with Figmentations Art Collective.

In Nomadic Village Heidi will realise a duet with a plant. She will be investigating how the iphone culture is shaping the way people relate and connect to each other in our rapidly changing society.