They have lived and worked together since 2010. When the art is concerned, each of them uses their own way and different form. Both of them graduated from Faculty of Fine Arts in Ostrava, Czech Republic, where they also met.
Petr studied at the Department of Sculpture and his interest in sculptures still lasts.
He is dealing with the topic in a most personal way, which stems from a nomadic aspect of his life based on journeys he has been to lately, on frequent moving from place to place and on the absence of his own home. “You cannot separate a memory of a landscape or a place and a memory of a man. A man living in a house or place where his ancestors used to live is still surrounded by his past. Not only in memories. Physically. The current environment does not play such an important role for you if you frequently move. A subjective memory is a thing that starts to be more significant for such people and a return to a place which is bound with their past and memories is often a strong personal experience. Due to being constantly on a way, changing the places and cultures, I naturally searched for elements that would allow me to have a deeper contact with the surrounding environment. I started to think about architecture as a shelter. A shelter, which is more than just a roof above my head; it is something, that enables me to understand the environment better and to be in a closer connection with it. Our very first shelter is a sky/ heaven. One of the most important components of every shelter is a fire. Fire is absolutely essential for me as a symbol of settling.”
Besides other things, Petr also bakes bread at various occasions or builds self-efficient ecological houses.

Kateřina studied at Department of Painting, but her art work has more of a multimedia character. She deals with drawing, objects, installation and video. “ It is always an intimate, personal experience, which I recast into a diary. Or I just take a scorched stick and a paper, it also works...“ A record of reality is mixed with fantasy and fairytale or even naive motives.
A dialog between an animal and a landscape which refers to Nordic mythology is another characteristic feature of her art work. Kateřina is also interested in dancing and circus.

Thanks to the relationship of Katerina and Petr, their topics of art work became somehow connected. Topics such as a bunker, a temporary dwelling, a place, nomadism,a memory,
a landscape, etc. are included in the art of both of them.
Katerina and Petr lived together in various places. It was Belgium or Finland for example, where they focused mainly on biodynamic agriculture, which they brought together
with art.
They currently live in Czech Republic in different places, where they organize an art symposium Šumakárt, which takes place in Šumava region; they prepare art workshops
for gypsy children from GASK centre in Kutná Hora, which are focused on the traditional nomadic way of life of gypsies; they have started a new art gallery called Vor recently.
A new social project of a semi-nomadic village is their next aim to achieve.

They balance on a boundary between living the nomadic way of life and settling down. They like both and they search for means how to connect these two ways of life.