Born barefoot and raised in the cedar swamps of southern New Jersey, I am a nomadic sculptor and installation artist, creating site-specific sculptures hand-made from found materials.
Upon graduation from the Rhode Island School of Design in 2000, I received a travel grand to Cordoba, Spain, to study la Mezquita, which began a collection of travels throughout nineteen countries, studying sacred architecture and natural phenomena; creating site-specific artworks and entire collections of work while in residences in Spain, India, Egypt, America, Italy, and Bahrain, where I met my husband, Mohamad, while working on an illuminated collaboration.

Together with our mini greyhound, Nutella, we have been happy campers; enjoying the snow, heat and hail storms while working at campsites and in our tent, during scattered studio time for installations, weekend getaways, and throughout our six-week honeymoon camping adventure crossing America, high above in the mountains and down by the sea.

Mostly we enjoy the feeling that the natural world is our own living room, not altered as it is in one’s house, but left intact as its natural habitat; and that we alter ourselves instead to enjoy it.

Last summer we moved to southern Austria, and shortly afterward gave birth to our daughter, Marmalade, and as she develops, she, too, is a vibrant part of our collaborative process.

Our artwork is a collection of storybook worlds come to life in our own, an exploration and celebration of our wonderland through the alchemy of art-making. Using detritus, the remains of the past, to build the future, has become central to the work.