It is the simplest thing I can think of. And the simplest things always make the most sense. It is easy. You open your door, you close it behind you. You put your house on your back and you walk. Your body moves through the world, becomes part of the world and your steps connect all the moments you find yourself in.

I wear a three piece suit. Traditionally it is called a “walking suit”. A three piece walking suit. I call it my soft armour. It keeps me warm, safe, sound, it opens doors. It is my uniform, my costume, my house. It has many pockets. It is as comfortable as any outfit I can think of. I use it to collect stories in.

The suit it is my interface between the worlds I move through. Between the land I walk, the body I walk it with, the place people refer to as “the real world” but which I consider to be just as real as the other world I move around in, the ephemeral world wide web. The stories I encounter, hold in my hand, find a new home there.

This time my suit has a solar panel, there is a QR code embroidered on the outside which links to my blog. I will walk in it from Amsterdam to Styria, Austria. I will encounter stories, write them down, share them, embroider them on the outside of my suit. The people I meet on the road will read my story and become part of it themselves.

After 99 walking days I will arrive in my suit in the Nomadic Village. The end.

And the beginning.

The story will continue there.

Read about my journey here: