Stina Pehrsdotter and Niclas Hallberg are working in video, photo and performance, both together and separately.

Niclas' experimental works deal with questions concerning identities, masculinity and humanity. He is using the moving image to express feelings, create impressions and document performances. He often uses himself as an instrument and actor and hereby he creates a feeling of intimacy and individuality.

Stina is working in performance, video, photography and installation, mainly inspired by the human body, its nature and the environment.

Her art reflects the connection between mind, body and soul in relation to movement, space and time.

With a conceptual approach, she also examines the dissonance between form and content in a semiotic sense; overtures and dysfunctions in spoken, written and body language.

During Nomadic Village 2014 Niclas will create physical, analog and digital instruments, music, sound experiments, and also include moving image. He brings equipment for including anyone who wants in jam sessions.

Stina will work with site specific performances, sometimes including other people, and make workshops in the subject ”Relating objects”. Additional she will work with Nature Costumes - dresses made out of natural and recycled materials.