Dave Bevan & Tara Hill - Nomadic Village Cerkno, Galeria Nowhere

I'm someone who likes drifting throughout this world more than most other things. I usually have some combination of pens, cameras, rolls of film and sketchbooks about my person. I like skateboards, pushbikes, old, smokey motorbikes, dirt roads, craggy hills, winding rivers, circling birds, sprawling cities and some of the time, fellow human-beings as well.

Tara Hill is a beautiful person who makes beautiful drawings. Worldly constraints such as work, time and loot permitting, she will meet me somewhere en route, and we'll travel together towards Slovenia. My hope is Tara's drawings will illustrate some of our adventures more succinctly than my cack-handed attempts.


For the project, I aim to ride my old, smokey Royal Enfield motorbike from my home in England, across Northern Italy, headed for the first Nomadic Village in Slovenia, carrying not much other than some of those things listed above, a tent, a sleeping bag, and the few tools needed to keep the Enfield going. 
The work will be in the making it there, or not, as the case may be, as well as in the encounters, folks, places and experiences which will happen along the way. There'll most likely be some words and/or picture to, I should imagine...

cheers, and see you down the road...

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