Elaine Clocherty - Galeria Nowhere, Nomadic Village Hohe Wand

I am a Site Specific artist, I work directly with landscapes, using found local natural materials and allow the stories and characteristics of a place to directly inform the sculptures.


I propose a series of Site Specific works which relate to the local living borderless landscapes, from local parks to forest to agricultural land, through the route from rural Balkans to Sophia and through to Austria. I would like to share the experience of collecting and installing Environmental Artworks, a skill learnt whilst living in the ancient Australian landscape. Collecting materials that often go unnoticed, like flowers that have fallen and are starting to fade, seeds freshly dropped from the pod, wheat stalks freshly husked and then laying them piece by piece relating to particular characteristics in the landscape. Nothing to sell or buy or keep, it simply sits as a shifting reminder of the time spent noticing and being with that place. This series will comprise of; small individually created works which can be found through GPS, works made through direct engagement with the local community and works created in collaboration with other artists for performance and exhibitions. I live and work mainly in Australia and will be travelling to Europe with my family,husband Evan, 7yrold Nellie and 2yr Banjo.