Małgorzata Goliszewska - Nomadic Village Hohe Wand

Małgorzata Goliszewska, born on 12.06.1985, works mostly with documentary, other human beings and with her own subconsious. She started in 2011 as a documentary filmmaker, later broadening her borders to documentary sound, poetry, music pieces and performances. Right now, her main focus is people and other beings and interacting directly with them. Since February 2014 she is in search of her astrological twin sisters all over the world. She also started to document her subconsious by recording her sounds and words while she is asleep. It's important for her to stay astonished and excited about everything that the Universe wants to give.


I still don't know which project I will focus on.

Let's say 

1. In my sleep

This is an ongoing, documentary sound project that I've been doing since 3 years now. And I wish to continue as long as it's possible. It's about sound recording every night and capturing the words I speak in my sleep.I speak much, almost every night and the language I speak in is different, depending on the country I am in.After one week of recording I usually have about 30 seconds of monologue.

I inspire myself later with those words (which i never remember that I have said and which each time surprise me and scare me a little bit).

During the stay at Nomadic Village, I would like to keep on recording myself every night and after 2 weeks make an artwork inspired by what I've said or just make a compilation. Basically, I'll see where it takes me. This project is based on a surprise and on a totally unknown outcome.

2. Fortune-telling

Fortune-telling can be done from ANYTHING.

I do it mostly from books. I did 2 actions like this in Poland, it's an interactive performance. You bring your favourite book, or we pick one together, or we randomly find one (if it can be done in a library or book store) or I simply take the encyclopedia, doesn't matter.

With me and with the book, you can get an anwser to any question you need.

It's simple, it's true, it works and it's art.

4) The Wise Ones

I'd like to make and interview with the Oldest Women living in the communities that will be near us, treating them like the Wise Ones and asking for advice.

They always have a lot to say as they have seen and experienced a lot and they should be heard and respected, like it was in the past, and still is in some tribes and traditional cultures.

I like talking to and recording interviews with old women. The edited interviews should later be screened for the community as an honour to the Old Ones.