Heidi Seppälä and Andi Pils – most probably most of IT. [The Whole Road.]

Heidi and Andi are a combination of contemporary dance, music, sound artistry and choreography on a voyage, a mission and an attempt to realise a project which is nearly impossible.

Apart from arts they are looking forward to the adventures and journeying through Europe with awesome peeps and happyhappyjoyjoy encounters.

Project     In a different light

Light, moonlight, projector light and candle light are being juxtaposed and used as means to deliver the message of the balance between nature and technology. A mobile projection mapping setup is used to alter reality in unusual and ordinary places with a soundtrack composed of the location sounds. Together with a tracked solo dance that will interact with the projection we wish to create site-specific performances leading to a shortfilm.

[There WILL be yoga.]

-and beer.