Mariam Natroshvili & Detu Jintcharadze - Nomadic Village Sophia

Project     HTTP

On the streets, bridges, blank walls. In strange cities, forgotten stations, absurd buildings, ghost bathhouses, white cubes, abandoned shooting ranges, non – existing factories. Anywhere: We play a game. Forbidden, magic and ephemeral game. Something to change all.

Our concepts are inspired by stories and biographies of places and people.
With interventions in different contexts with our works we  emphasise biography, past and present of places.

We are interested in disappearing knowledge, invisible people, forgotten places, ignored spaces. With our works we create new language, mythology to derive new meanings and new visions, to restore memories, remember what is gone, create future.

For project HTTP we are using “ready made“ texts from internet, social web, google, softwares etc. Bringing those messages to different context re-creates its initial meaning and transforms the text into content that is multiple and flexible, subjective and personal.

It can be a question from another, simulated reality.

It can be a warning in safe zone, leaked from invisible worlds.

It can be a note from future memories.