Monique Besten - Italy, Nomadic Village Cerkno...

I like to connect things. I believe in chance. Sometimes my favorite colour is blue. I think there is no life without poetry. I trust in words. As I do in footsteps. I like to be where it is now. And bring you there. Inbetween. Where maybe rules.

Project     An exercise in getting lost

“The best plan is to have no plan”- Masanobu Fukuoka

I never realised I was a nomad at heart until I walked to the Nomadic Village. Some things are so obvious, you just don’t think about them until you are asked to. Walking is how I move around. How I explore the world. How I survive, how I stay happy, how I learn. A while ago I realised I achieve things faster by being slow. Suddenly everything started to make sense.

In 2013 and 2014 I walked to the Nomadic Village. From Amsterdam to the south of France and from Amsterdam to the east of Austria.

This time my walking will take place during the project instead of beforehand. I will walk from the meeting point in Italy to Cerkno in Slovakia. It will be a short walk. 99 kilometers only if I walk effectively. But I could turn it into 500 if I make detours.

I don’t know what will happen. I’ve got plans and I could share them with you and maybe I will but they are only starting points, they will be like maps, like routes you can follow to make life easier, whereas the interesting part really starts once you get lost.

I will have 15 days to walk 99 kilometer. I could easily walk it in three days. It seems to be the perfect opportunity to get lost.

So this is what my project will be about. About getting lost. About finding my way by loosing it, by changing my direction and finding others. Other roads, other people, other meanings, other things to do.

Maybe the best thing to happen is if I would never show up in Cerkno ..... but I will. I promise. And in Cerkno I will share what I learned on the road. I will present what I found. Dried plants probably, turned into tea. I might open a tea shop. To create a place where I can tell the stories about the people I met on the road. I might turn into the village baker again, like I did last year. Nothing compares to baking bread. And it is the complete opposite of getting lost. So it would make sense. Or maybe something completely different will happen. Something I can’t imagine now.

I will keep you informed. You can travel with me in virtual space, keep an eye on my website and I will show you the way to get lost. We will be in it together.