Tony Hornecker - Satellite Romania

Tony Hornecker is an international nomadic installation artist, he has been on the road extensively for the past 6 years.

Currently working on a project in Valparaiso, Chile, where he has taken over an abandoned house and turned it into an installation exploring love and desire, La Verbena del Amor. His work often encompasses food, music, performance and installation.

Previous projects include The Pale Blue Door, a traveling gypsy restaurant which first began in his London and home and studio before heading off and setting up camp in abandoned places from Berlin to Buenos Aires. He also recently completed a 3 month journey throughout Chile, The Homes Project in which himself and fellow artist William Farr traveled the length of Chile, building homes from scavenged materials and attempting to live in each one for a period of time. 

Exhibitions have been staged at The Royal Opera House in London, The Royal College of Art, London and the Museum of Contemporary Art in Santiago.

Project     Ridiculous Romanian Rome

For the Nomadic Village Tony Hornecker will stage his Ridiculous Romanian Rome, a 4 week journey in August through Romania with a troupe of musicians, actors and players . The journey will be undertaken via foot, beast or boat as yet undetermined.

A piece of theatre will be devised and a set built which will be moved from village to village, where the piece of work, inspired by Romanian folklore will be staged to local families. The project will be partly funded by donations from local people and the performers will live within the caravan itself.