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Northern Italy, May 1st - 20th
1st - 5th of May - optional meeting in northern Italy
6th - 20st - Travel Time/Roaming/Tracking
Travel-time to work on projects that will be finished at the first Village. Projects can travel anywhere, but the majority will travel across Northern Italy, enabling spontaneous meetings on the road through GPS tracking.

1st Nomadic Village @C.M.A.K./Slovenia, May 21st - 30th
The first Nomadic Village 2015 will be a meeting/production place for participants to produce work originating from their trip to that Village. We will create the Galeria Nowhere, a travelling exhibition that will be shown in Cerkno at the end of the Village. Then it will hit the road and travel across the northern Balkans.
The place is situated in the center of Cerkno - on a meadow by the creek. Right beside the place is a house of the Youth center C.M.A.K. (www.cmakcerkno.net/). There are toilets, a dark room, a small gallery, provided Internet, a place for concerts... There is also free wireless in town.

Galeria Nowhere/Travelling Exhibition across Balkans, 31st of May - 19th of June
Experimenting with ways to approach small communities/villages
This is the research-part of the Nomadic Village 2015. We will experiment with different set ups for the exhibition in small villages, ranging from the simple coffee & cake gathering to a big circus-like performance/installation/spectacle. We expect to be a small group that will mostly travel together.

3rd Nomadic Village @ Hohe Wand Austria, 3rd - 17th of August
The final Village 2015 will be invitation-only (but you can ask for one!).
Hohe Wand is a natural reserve and a weekender's destination 50km south of Vienna. It is one of the last efforts of the Alps towards the east and is elevated to approx. 900m above sea level. Even though it is no alpine terrain, it sometimes is quite windy, and can rather cool at night. It is a destination for hiking, climbing, paragliding and hang gliding.