David Sumbera (AT)

As a photographer David Sumbera walks the line between precision and „pfusch“. You can see him using a solid studio-camera of the 70ies, a modified pocket camera, or just a simple coffee can (used as pinhole camera) for taking pictures. His expertise lies in analogue photography, bastardiesed by digital processes.

With his photography David is on the quest for stories and is always eager to listen to stories by the people, objects and landscapes he is working with.

David is a gardener, an improvised mechanic for everything and anything and likes to let go of his plan if an idea arises spontaneously. – To build a 10 meter high plastic-anaconda from orange hoarding, for example.


Project: the box is the limit.

A box filled with empty frames. The frames in different sizes, colours, styles. The goal is to fill these frames with images and impressions. The ideas will be shaped by the Rostfest experience. Each image will be another challenge, another way of working and another opportunity. If the box is filled it will turn into an exhibition.