We are Polish-French couple, both artists, Ania Pawlik, a fine art drawer/illustrator and Carlos THOMAS, an experimental video maker/photographer. We both share a passion for art creation, exhibitions and travelling. To combine all of them, one year ago we decided to buy a van (an english ex-ambulance), and converted it into a moving gallery space called 'Gallery on Wheels', that would allow us to 'cure people with art' all over the world.

This project is an 'art emergency' to inspire, to push forward not only our artwork, but mainly those whose art needs to be presented and exposed to the world more strongly.

'Gallery on Wheels' should not only promote art, but at the same time push the boarders, limits, imagination and creativity to make things happen! Along different collaborations with artists meet on 'the road', a moving exhibition space is an excellent opportunity to explore alternative ways of thinking and doing; especially solutions to ecological and climate problems, economic and social matters, like food waist, reuse and DIY movement.

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