Sherry Aliberti -- With Nothing But 

Performance Art exists outside the traditional gallery space no matter where it is performed because it lives in memory.  People are aching to experience real things in full-sensory immersion.

My current artistic practice is based in performed installations.  These are realized collaboratively as architecture life-forms (the Cocoon Project) or individually in experimental shamanic rituals. The method for my individual work moving forward is to “activate the earth-body” creating wearable and sculptural objects made from materials found in and inspired by nature: site, weather, season, flora and fauna. 

The ritual creates or destroys the objects and costume through intentional gathering of energy. It leaves behind something altered or new, with definite energetic charge and duende translated loosely: “mysterious power of works of art to deeply move a person.” Performances incorporate inherent mistakes, glitches and decisions based on interaction with visitors/audience.  They are often unique and undocumented.  At any moment, audience can become performer. As a performance artist, my art is ephemeral and must be experienced/shared live and in-person. 

The ritual channels the healing energy of the universe for all of mankind. An art-life process involves visiting each site/altar with specific gifts. Process-driven, the altars culminate in an extensive body of work realized in photographs/videos, sketches, mapping, poetry/chants and collections of ephemera on-site. The rituals are intrinsically linked to my actions and physical body in relation to art-as-life context.

In this case, the situation and all of Nomadic Village's temporary citizens inform the ritual.  We will create it all together.

Most recently I've been exploring the qualities of my underwater pool studio and local found materials in Florida: coconut butt, sink-or-float, cocos locos, water sky and more. 

And above-ground autumn crystal rituals in Oregon:  

The Cocoon Project