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The digital age has seen the emergence of a new kind of nomadic artists; using production and communication tools like computers, mobile internet, gps, digital video and more, they can stay connected and follow through their works from beginning to end while being on the road. It has become possible to take the contemporary and conceptual approach out of the galleries and institutions, that used to serve as the only platforms. In contrast to the widely spread dicsourse, in which art theory, history and the urban-social context are the main inspirations, the nomadic discourse is one of very closely dealing with people, nature, reality and oneself, while still being in context with the world through the virtual commnunity, the world wide web. The vehicles are ateliers and homes, facilitating the constant movement that brings never ending experience and inspiration, and the artistic discourse is transported to include audiences previously too remote to profit from it.

Whilst Nomadism is as old as mankind itself, modern nomadism is built upon recent movements like the New Age Travelers, techno nomads and the sound systems, the perpetual travelers and people like Ken Kesey. But in contrast to the widely spread anti-society 'get-away' idea, those modern nomads want to emancipate from these ties for the better of a professional on the road, that keeps in touch with the world through modern communication medias. For sure, they want to venture out there to find new things, because curiosity makes them being bored by the old; but they are eager to communicate and integrate their findings, feeding them back into society through exhibitions and reviving the contemporary cultural and artistic discourse.


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