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On The Road Productions

On The Road Productions is the mother organisation to the Nomadic Village. Found in 2001 and at home in The Bus. Its aim is to enable constant movement, generating nomadic artists' momentum.

1996 - 2006 bus hollandlufka klaus maehringklaus maehring the captain and lufka setup on the road productions

2007 - .... Steyr Ikarus Steyr Ikarus cinema in Steyr Ikarussteyr ikarusSteyr Ikarus Klaus Maehring Nomadic Village On The Road Productions Galeria Nowhere 2008



-2014 Nomadic Village in Austria

-2013 a memorable Village in France

-2012 Nomadic Village, UK, with ISIS Arts

-2009 1st Nomadic Village, Bulgaria

-2008 ORP 2008: 5 months on the road in Serbia, Romania,
Ukraine and Georgia
Artists: Art Klinika (SRB), Klaus Mähring (A), Viola Gubo
(DE), Ewa Stern (PL/CA), Art Villa Garikula (GE)

-2008 ITTTT Glücksparcours with Plankton Labs (A), Institut
für Typotektonik (A/SLO), Marcel Schobel (A)

-2007 Stadtimpuls/StadtimBus, public-integration project with
the organisation Stadtimpuls, Vienna

-2007 ORP 2007 with Klaus Mähring (A), Thomas Grusch (A), Ewa
Stern (PL/CA)

-2006 Alternative Floor @ PUU*

-2006 Camp Show Steiermark: Guests of Steirischer Herbst

-2005 ORP 2005: 3 months in Ukraine, Romania und Moldova
Artists: Ewa Stern (PL/CA), Michael Zwetkoff (A), Nicoleta
Escinau (MD)

-2004 Project Lignano Void: Photography project by Klaus
Mähring (A)

-2003 Projekt Alternative Route Travelers, 7 artists, 1 month
On The Road in Romania
Artists: Michael Zwetkoff (A), Paris Maderna (A), Philippe
Blaison (CA), Barbara Seyr (A)

-2002 Guests of Homeless Gallery in Danzig and Warsaw, PL

Exhibitions and Publications:

-2013 'Mobilitaet', Fotogalerie Wien
-2009 Nomadic Village, Schmiede, Hallein
-2008 So Far, Podium, Vienna
-2008 photo_graz 08, Kunsthaus, Graz
-2008 ITTTT, Kunstraum ProArte, Hallein
-2008 Falter Steiermark
-2006 Camera Austria
-2003 Alternative Route Travellers,Galerie Blumberg, Vienna
-2002 Homeless Gallery, Danzig and Warsaw, PL