Nomadic Village 2012
Wolsingham, Durham, UK, May 2012 21.05. - 03.06


Jooyoung Kim (Seonyoung Hyon)

Set off towards Durham
Leave with Chullee (mon chien)
Follow the pilgrimage of the old monks
The Tripitaka Koreana lies in Haein Temple
Practice Sen meditation with western monks as the Songgwangsa Temple
Go to Durham
A place of pilgrimage of medieval times
The place of enshirement of Saint Cuthbert who was a clergyman of the 7th centry
It is Durham church
Follow the cotton cloth road
Offer the Tripitaka and a lotus from the temple
Offer the portrait of Saint to the sanctuary
Durham church and Haein temple (UK-Korea) are places where sublime pritis have long been kept, divine prayer of pilgrimage to them.