Nomadic Village 2012
Wolsingham, Durham, UK, May 2012 21.05. - 03.06


Klaus Mähring
The Mayor

Klaus Mähring is a photographer, he often works with an old 5 X 4 plate camera to create stunning portraits of people living in rural locations around Eastern Europe. Klaus tours these remote areas in a converted old police bus, being on the road is an essential part of his practice, it means being somewhere else, in an in-between that hasn’t been categorised or pigeonholed yet.

Klaus also runs 'On The Road Productions', a company which aims to develop and run collaborative projects with other nomadic artists. In the past On The Road Productions has set up a Nomadic Village in a small community north of Sofia, Bulgaria. It allowed other artists with mobile homes and studios to join Klaus in the temporary settlement to create work in response to the community, landscape and each other.

Klaus Mähring is the founder of the Nomadic Village and will act as the mayor of the settlement in Wolsingham.