Nomadic Village 2012
Wolsingham, Durham, UK, May 2012 21.05. - 03.06


Lindsay Duncanson / Marek Gabrsych / Lucas Gabrsych
We Travel Where Possible as a Family

Lindsay Duncanson’s work responds to spaces, people and locations through photography, video and digital imaging. Duncanson is particularly interested in the themes of home, environment and vocal sound with a strong commitment to social and community engagement. Duncanson creates work that invites people to re-examine their perceived environment, finding ways to illuminate, animate and reinterpret space by employing photography, video projection, texts and sound.

Marek Gabrsych is a sound artist with an on-going fascination with science and technology, with a particular interest in interactivity that underpins much of his creative output. Gabrsych trained as a marine biologist and worked for many years as a professional musician, recording engineer and artist. Gabrsych’s work explores the crossover point between genres, disciplines and environments.

Lucas Gabrsych makes comics, games, songs, video characters and jokes. A previous project involved making maps of people – this was exhibited at the first Nomadic Village in Bulgaria. He has recently encounter success on Youtube with one of his video works.

While at the Nomadic Village Lindsay, Marek and Lucas will undertake a number of projects. The first titled ‘Monoliths’ will involve documenting un-celebrated industrial landmarks in the area, exploring how they have become a key element to our sense of place within the urban landscape.
Audio will be constructed from scanned transmissions, electromagnetic recordings and background radiation.

Lindsay, Marek and Lucas are all member of the Noizechoir, an experimental vocal group who create vocal soundscapes using whistles, clicks, silent screams and all manor of obscure vocalization. During the Nomadic Village they will create a temporary nomadic Noizechoir open to all, with new scores developed and written during the village, culminating in a performance at the end of the village.