Nomadic Village 2012
Wolsingham, Durham, UK, May 2012 21.05. - 03.06


Sharon Wilson

Sharon Wilson trained as a painter but has since developed her career as multimedia artist and curator who uses video, found objects, digital imagery, drawings and sound. Interested in the media as a divisive tool for shaping public motivations, as well as looking at the edifices of architecture of which social control is inherent yet not explicit, her work is about democracy, often manifesting itself as site specific commissions which seek to subtly reveal and at times subvert the social mechanics and contentions of any given context.
Wilson has previously worked with galleries such as V&A, Tate, Waygood and the Shipley Art Gallery Gateshead, much of her work is driven by social engagement and inclusion.
During the Nomadic Village Wilson’s work will be twofold, one strand will be about ethnographic research based on observations with the purpose of mapping tourist encounters made during the occupation of the residency. Wilson will use her campervan as a public chat room and mini cinema seminar space, for the purpose of sharing emerging ethnographies. The second stand will be from the perspective of artist, Wilson will produce ‘The Country Diary of a Nomadic Village’ using watercolours, a microscope and a telescope looking at the artists and the natural environment from a botanical and forensic perspective with a view to producing a publication.