Nomadic Village 2012
Wolsingham, Durham, UK, May 2012 21.05. - 03.06


Ursula Achternkamp
Managing Structural Bird Problems

Ursula Achternkamp works on inter-, trans- and post disciplinary approaches to life and shared space through artistic strategies in architecture, urbanism and daily life phenomena. Achternkamp studied at Academy of Fine Arts Münster and carried out a postgraduate degree at ESBA Genève, she currently lives and works in Stuttgart.

While at the Nomadic Village Achternkamp will work on the continuation of an existing project ‘Managing Structural Bird Problems’. Tapping into the British fascination with bird watching, Achternkamp will engage with local bird watching groups and fanatics, making work inspired by local bird species and their calls. Achternkamp sees birds as indicators of our surroundings.